As seen in Wisteria Moon: A teaser….Ancient Wolf Call…

Please note that my erotica stories contain content that may offend some readers, explicit language and sexual themes are present. Reader caution is STRONGLY advised.

Ancient Wolf Call, Tilly Rivers

Ancient Wolf Call

By Tilly Rivers, copyright protected.

That is when she saw him.  Standing barely two hundred yards from where she stood along the lake edge, and just outside of the tree line, the massive wolf began to take form.

He was silver, so beautiful, and as he approached nearer…so ancient.  Eyes that were bluish, and yet almost opaque looked right through her.  Primal and wild eyes and yet knowing and intelligent.  Eyes that you stared at, eyes that made you lose all sense of reality.  Eyes that made you think of dusk and desire and secret longings you did not even know you harbored until that moment.  His eyes touched her soul, and awakened something long forgotten within her.

Each time she closed her own eyes she was haunted by the ones so crisp and alive in her memory.  An awakening was indeed happening, but she had no idea where it would lead her.  She dreamed of the wolf no longer a wolf at all, yet still the beast.  A blend of beast and man and the fantasy comforted her dreams until dreaming was not enough and she had to discover if the mystic pull was indeed her fantasy or reality.

She knew it was crazy, unsafe even, yet the longing to reach out and stroke his fur, to feel the softness against her cheek, to feel the beating of his heart was stronger than any grounding in the “normal.”  She felt his call each night and the magnetic pull was stronger each night until she could no longer resist the calling.

With the security and light of the lady moon she slowly walked back to the lake and waited.  She sensed his presence, turned to find him, wolf now man.  Beautiful, sexy and demanding.  Without waiting or invitation, his lips were upon hers, soft and sweet, mixed with daring and command.  He expressed his longing, desire, and need. She was his willing prey, snared in his power of savage demand.

She felt his passion and found that ancient wolf once more.  As a man, he was still dark, primal, and strong.  A man she had known for so long yet never met; secrets that only time and magic could unveil.  Every time he brushed his body against hers, he sent shivers throughout her entire being and beyond.  Memories of him, from another time and another place filled her.  With a witch’s kiss, she kissed him in return.  Everything within her poured within that kiss; it was a kiss of dangerous passion, and of a love that had never died.

His eyes never questioned whether she wanted more.  He took what he knew was his.  His lips were full and exquisite… they knew how to touch her, kiss her.  All she wanted was to taste his kiss, to feel his touch set her on fire.  Without saying a word, she sank slowly to her knees upon the natural blanket of green under the stars and moon….

If you would like to read the rest of this story, drop me a line and I would be happy to send it to you.


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