Opening the Vault: Quotes about…of course me, silly!

Who is Tilly Rivers?

the buzz…

Tilly Rivers

“Tilly Rivers…the best erotica writer to hit the industry, her unique style matches her personality…. Daring…Fun…. Capturing… Once you read her fantasies…. Once you meet her…. All you keep thinking, all you keep feeling is…. WOW”

-Peter Mackay- Sex Obsessed Magazine. United Kingdom

“Most erotica is out there just to get you off. Tilly’s brand of erotica is thoughtful, with scenarios that encourage the imagination to run wild. Tilly transforms erotica into a pleasurable experience that inflames your senses. Show me someone who enjoys the world of thoughtful erotica and I’ll show you a goddess who can take you there.”

Phillip Bills. Penthouse, Palm Coast, FL USA

“Tilly Rivers takes you within the fantasy.  You are not reading words, you are part of the story, you become the lover.”

Matt Hanines.  BOINK magazine, Boston, USA

“Tilly Rivers is the hottest erotica writer.  If you have not read her…you must be living in Bedrock…first name Fred? She sets your heart beating and your mind racing, she is erotica uncharted.”

-Lou Rossani. Toronto, Canada

“If you want to discover the truth behind erotica, discover Tilly.  She takes me with her every step of each fantasy creation she spins.”

Cian Thomas, Ralph Magazine- Australia.

“If I had a choice between reading Tilly’s creations of fantasy illusion and others in the erotica industry…she would and does win every time.  Tilly is sexuality at its highest peak.”

– Kelly Lucas – Sex Pistols Magazine, United Kingdom


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