From the mind of Tilly Rivers

In April of 2011, Main Street Mag celebrated it’s 2nd year anniversary, my friend and writer of Karma-Vore for the magazine took up the challenge of conducting and writing an interview with, you guessed it- me.

The final Question she asked me was: Final Thoughts? My answer was, “Just one don’t be scared to be you.” In the picture I placed here, of the mouse chewing through the walls to get to the cheese will have different reactions for different people, some will scream not fair, others that the mouse cheated, while others will see the mouse as brilliant- determined, getting to the prize.  Who’s right and who;s wrong?

Don’t be scared to be you. Tilly Rivers

Why can’t everyone be right if that is truly the way they believe? The question is, do you?…Do you truly believe that or is it just a habit? Something you have been taught to value? What’s yours, what’s real, and what is just a learned habit?

I’ve made some wonderful friends through this great adventure called life, people like Nick RoseStephen Suzcs, a man who goes by Loki, and so many many more, but  life comes with balance, and so I’ve also made some…well let’s say, “not” friends. People that like to trash talk me, funny really that those people usually have an “x” in front of their name, x-lover, x-employee, x–whatever…~smiles~

I’m just me, and I’m okay with that, the good, the bad and yes even sometimes the ugly. I’m sad for those in whom have to hold onto an image and are never just them– it surely must be exhausting to live a life of hollow ‘rules’ all for the “game of success and acceptance”. The rules of must-should, and have to’s all for the purpose of…well what? Success, and fame I guess.

The constant battle between who you are really are, what you really want to do with your life, the battle every day between real and the mask, that’s sad, and that’s what I meant by saying, don’t be scared to be you. Sure- I’m guessing there will be some that will not understand a change if you step out of the shadow and become the person you’re craving to be inside, some like in my case that like to trash talk, and others that will…well do whatever they do. But in my humble opinion, being free like the mouse in the picture, finally eating that yummy piece of cheese- being happy- is so worth it.

Life is good, I plan on loving- and not worrying about those in whom wish to hate.



  1. This is a lovely post and I agree with you! I hope for people to read this and understand it so that they may find freedom and happiness! ❤

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