Archives: Sex Goddess: Tilly Rivers

This article originally appeared in the Peter Brooks Advertiser on November 7th, 2004.

© 2004 Peter Brooks Publications

Tilly Rivers: Sex Goddess

Derek Downsland, Manhattan, NY

In the entertainment business you rarely see the “real thing”, especially when you have been dubbed with the name “Sex Goddess”. I will admit that after reading Tilly Rivers’ stories of sexual lure I wanted to meet her. See the face and the real personality behind the fantasies. Find out for myself what was drawing crowds in the hottest NY clubs- of  five hundred males +. I went with a chip on my shoulder thinking that I would once again discover that the smoke and mirrors was hype and walk away disappointed.

Sex Goddess: Tilly Rivers

I was very wrong. I set up a private interview with Tilly only hours before yet another of her whirlwind rammed events. When she walked into the room in a short skirt showing miles of heavenly legs, a sassy black leather jacket and a blouse that was showing a nice chunk of cleavage I smiled and thought, well at least she dresses like a sex goddess.

When I looked up from my chair, before me was the face of angel, the body of a bad girl, and eyes of pure sin.

I held tight to my skeptical attitude. Hot chicks were a dime a dozen. But the reality was I was sinking fast and I knew it. This chick, Miss Tilly Rivers, smelled of sex like the most expensive perfume. When she spoke, looked me directly in the eye and giggled, yes I swear a real genuine honest to goodness giggle, I knew that the woman behind the fantasies was truly the “Sex Goddess”.

Her personality was open, refreshing and her intelligence surprised me. She spoke little of her family, when ever I asked a question that she was not prepared to answer she would just smile and wink with a sassy look and eyes that filled with fire, words however never passed her lips. Silence.

It did not take me long to understand that she protected her family and that she was not going to answer. It did not take me long either, to respect that right to privacy and like her even more for the loyalty she express to her family and friends.

She spoke openly and honestly about her career, that yes most of her stories were based on actually events, and she loved sex, hated narrow minded views on the subject and would continue to write her novels no matter how many groups tried to ban her explicit creations.

She invited me to come to the club with her that night and I jumped at the chance to view her in action.

Tilly Rivers was, is, the sex goddess, the woman of fantasy in her stories, she is what men dream of. Her words crawled inside me, stayed with me.

Watching her in action was amazing. She interacted with the crowd, danced, signed anything from a napkin to a bar coaster to her novel. At one point, I think she even signed a few flashes of flesh.

If I thought she could write, her dancing was almost, if not tied in the sensual, make you crazy, category.

When one of her fans placed a chair in the middle of the floor and dared her to dance on it, not only did she take him up on the dare; her performance brought them to their knees worshipping the goddess of sex that she was.

Tilly Rivers, hats off to you…you are the real thing…I love your prose, your attitude and you girl not only are the “Sex Goddess” but the best erotica queen of ink I have ever had the privilege to read and interview.

Reprinted with permission from Peter Brooks Publications Inc


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