Queen of Wands

Who are you? Why I’m the Queen of Wands!

The Queen of Wands represents the aspects of fire that are most important to us. She is warmth, sensitivity, gentleness and faithfulness as well as strength and determination.

Tilly Rivers: Queen of Wands

The Queen sits upon a throne with arm rests in the appearance of lions, a symbol of fire and strength. In her left hand and behind her are sunflowers, symbolising life, fertility, joy and satisfaction. In her right hand is a wand which is beginning to burst forth with life. In these positive aspects, the Queen of Wands represents fidelity, warmth,and sustenance. However, at her feet is a black cat, a symbol of the darker side of this card.

The Queen of Wands and the Goddess Freya have many close connections in personality and gifts.

The Queen of Wands expresses a creative energy, she has a fiery, passionate personality with a quick temper. Her style of mothering is to ‘flash’ her temper, yell, then get over it and hug — all within one hour! She’s self-confident and happy.

Inspiration, charismatic, self-assured who knows how things must be done. Behave like royalty. Parties and other gatherings will benefit you. Find a creative project that fully occupies you. Inspire others.

Physical description – yellow, red hair, blue-eyed woman. She runs a business or holds a responsible position. Personality traits – intelligent, dignified, prosperous woman, self-confidence, love of happiness. Offers help that you can trust. She offers inspiration. Fiery temperament. Lively, active, warm natured. Practical organiser of others. A lover of nature.

The Queen of Wands denotes sympathy and understanding to your situation. She is charming in her demeanor and practical in her approach of solving problems. She is a loving figure and worthy of her position.

You have recently met (or will meet) someone you could have a relationship with and are wondering if you should, or if you will. True guidance proves itself, in that it brings with it the action, or ability to carry it out. If you are in a quandary, remember that decisions usually make themselves when the time comes.



  1. That’s the queen of cups actually, at least the artwork. When I did downloaded the picture says “Queen of cups by puimun”

    And good entry 😀

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