Wild Fire

By Tilly Rivers

1> ~oh come on, you know it’s copyright protected and 2> I’m in law, aka- know how to sue your butt off. ~smiles~

Wild Fire

A symphony of inflammable ardent emotion

Wild fire, out of control, dominating us

Once kindled we can not quench its force

It burns almost cruelly, brimstone, pitch

A raging diffusion of passions conflagration

Wild Fire, Tilly Rivers

Intense, brilliant, incandescent performance

Glorious, scintillant light

In a glow of flames we are helpless to stop it

Nor do we want to, not if we are honest

You may be spoken for by another

But tonight

We are the wild fire that ignites

Living on fire for the other

Unextinguished, flagrant, comburent

Burning the other with our flaring desire


We belong to the wild fire


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