My Mom

I miss you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day.

My Mom is Colour

 My Mom is colour

Vibrant, brilliant, happy.

Many times in her life there had been those that have cast a disproving eye regarding her passion for colour, her fearless fashion and high heels and felt the need to tame what they deemed inappropriate.

In a time where there were no freedoms for women-I am so happy they were unable to trap her spirit for life, for colour, for fun!

My Mom is laughter, loyalty and magick. I am proud to be her daughter.

This world is filled with so much anger, I am blessed my Mom was filled with colour. The colors of love.

My Mom was love. She has loved when it has hurt beyond measure; she has loved when it gave the most joy.

She loved her only sister and her brothers, and her siblings children, and so forth and beyond. She spoke of them all often, their accomplishments, and their mistakes with compassion, pride and empathy.

My Mom loved her friends and delighted in their happiness and was saddened for their pain.

She loved her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and lite up when she talked about them. Of course each one is ever so perfect and beautiful and smart.

She loved her children. Beyond measure! Each an every bratty one of us. I teased her she has bratty children (we have given her many reasons to be ashamed) – and she smiled and said she has good kids- great kids.

Her pride in our smallest accomplishments was as if we  accomplished the greatest of our dreams.

Many times my Mom would tell me that of all her children, I was most like her.

Thank you for saying that Mom, but it certainly means I have huge shoes to fill.

But…I am proud to be colour as you were,  to be brilliant and to be happy! I am proud to have a passion for life,  and go forth with high heels and fearless fashion. To laugh, and BE, and when a disapproving eye is cast my way I will give back the greatest of my Mom’s gifts- I will love.

For my Mom has taught me not only to receive love, but TO BE love, how to love!

This gift will never end, and in it my Mom will never end, for it will continue in the hearts of my children, and one day, my many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and I will teach them about colour and love and tell them about my Mom, her legacy, the legacy of the greatest of gifts.

I Love you!

Sending love on the wings of the wind, sending a message to you from me: I’m so proud to be your daughter!


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