I am just me…

I am me, Tilly Rivers

I love people,and try not to judge, for I know not where they have been,  the intimate details of their life is unknown to me, I know nothing of what created them to be who they are today, or why they act/ react as they do.

I love nature, I  love to dance naked in the rain,  the feel of the sun on my face, the glory of the morning as the sun wakes, the silence of the wind, and the magick of the night.  I love the feel of grass under my feet,and dirt under my palm, the flower’s beauty, the power of nature’s glory or anger and the feel of a tree upon my finger tips, the gentle sway of the willow, the squirrel as it gathers its nuts, my cat’s purr,and my dog’s love. The sound of the crunch under my hiking boots, the freedom of sky diving, the joy of capturing a moment in time with my camera.

I love the smells of the world. Spice, tang, sweet, lilacs, sweat, love-making. I refuse to give into fear.  I love the feel of the mud splashing on my hair as I four-wheel or dirt bike, the spray of the water from the sea-do, the warmth of the sand under my feet. The pulse of the earth under my palm.

I love to explore the path never taken,and touch the delicate petal of a wild flower on my cheek. I love to smile,and giggle, lots and lots of giggles.  I love to cry at sad movies,and laugh out-loud at funny ones.

I love the glow of a child’s new discovery, music,-loud- so I can dance!  The sound of a drum, the guitar. I love to sing out of tune and the looks upon the faces as I belt out the song that no longer sounds remotely like what it is supposed to.  I love to draw,and sketch and play with paint, even though I have no ‘artistic’ skill.

I love magick, for I am magick, I love the universe and the gifts of life and love. I love to shine the spotlight on those who have talent,and their words should be known, their song should be sung, their art should be seen, their food should be tasted, their story should be told through Main Street Mag.

I love to horse back ride, and play cards, I love to seek- discover, learn. I love beauty in all forms for perfect are the mars and scars and life. I love so much, am blessed and thankful.

I love without measure, my family. I love the feel of a lover’s body, the soft moan of ecstasy. I love to write, for that is what I was born to do. I love you, because you are you, perfect, just the way you are.

I love my parents who watch me now from a different realm but still guide me every day. I love no god, but all goddesses and gods: balance! I love the universe which has given me the gifts of magick, the gifts of touch and the gifts of words, and the gift of you.

I love ME! For I was born perfect, just as you were, I am beautiful, just as you are, I am without limitations, so are you!

Today, everyday, I will be the best I can because I am grateful for love given to me and the love I return.

I am me…just me, and my name is Tilly Rivers



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