Dear World: I’M SAD

Dear World, It’s  me “Tilly” and I am sad

Not sad for me as a feeling of sadness, I am sad for my fellow man.

I am Sad. By Tilly Rivers

I am sad that they are going through life as an existence they have to endure, that they think if they are lucky they may capture tiny fragments of happiness along the way. Do they not know life is a gift that should be enjoyed?

I am sad that most stumble out of bed in the morning, stumble world, after they have slapped the alarm clock beside them, several times I might add, not leap with joy at the opportunity presented this morning. Limitless miracles waiting at their fingertips.

Most do not smile. Have you noticed world? How smiles are becoming less and less? Worse yet Dear World is that if YOU smile at them- the stranger, they look at you oddly! Is a smile than such a rarity in the world now?

Most are not happy that another day has been blessed upon them. How very sad.

There is no skip in their step -No humming in the shower.

Have they lost the ability to embrace the small pleasures? The taste of coffee on your tongue, watching as the morning sun says hello.

Most still know how to complain. Complaining about the weather-To cold-To hot-To humid-Not humid enough-To much rain-We need rain. Complaining about any thing– it matters not what.

Some are driving in their cars- down the highway to work-to a job that they hate.

They turn on the radio-Yet hear not the music-They are voiding out the silence-Avoiding life.

They did not see-Did not hear-The ones they claim to love-That morning before they rushed to begin a day

Days like any other-A day they will hate!

They will turn to the computer-The radio- The TV.

In the hope of something, anything to give them a tiny sliver of hope.

Walking in life-Existent-Suffocating in the choices of their own making.

They will gossip about their co-workers-To make their lives feel better

They will show pictures of their children-Paper images of love–Yet they forgot to tell them they care–They forgot to watch the stars with them the night before–They couldn’t, not their fault.

Their hearts are too heavy-Theirs spirits weighed down- negative vibes of life, eating at their soul, like worms and maggots feasting on misery.

I am sad. So sad for my fellow man

The existent of life-That is slowly sucking the air from their lungs.

They are dying, and they do not care!

A glimpse of life-A flicker of happiness-A rare smile

Is that not sad?

 WORLD-Do they not know?

Life is beauty-Laughter-Sunshine and glory-Love

Why aren’t they grabbing it with both hands? Refuse to be shaken!! Refuse to let go!!

It is not a gift to be happy-It is yours freely given

Why can’t they see World?

The beauty before them-The smiles the laughter the sun

 Why have they forgotten?

Taste, smell, sight. Touch!  HOW did they forget about touch?

Forget to care? Forget to love? How is that possible?

What’s holding you back?

Sing out of tune!  Dance!

Smile at our fellow man

And giggle -LOTS & LOTS of giggles.

Build your dream-One small step at a time. That way you can enjoy each and every second of the journey.

Start at the beginning-Over and over if you have too, just don’t give up!

Skip to the shower and greet each morning with a warm hello.

Be naked-Make love

BE–just BE 

Life is a treasure trove to discover-Explore-Create. No RULES, no limits- only possibilities!

If only World, if only we could show them the  endless everyday miracles waiting.  Waiting just for them!



  1. Thank you for waking me up. Your so right. I do better than most, but I still have much to remember and be joyful for. But being friends with you dear one, I know that you will always remind me of these things. You are a blessing to all and loved by even more.

    1. Thank you Nick. But I am just me, and fall as well. Human after all. ~smiles~ I truly appreciate your friendship as well, and am very happy you have come into my life.

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