Can you finish it?

I Love to kiss in the rain.

The rain came down in sheets, pouring and snaking it’s way to the earth. She loved the rain and longed to escape the boring meeting to taste it on her lips. Her mind was caught up with the thought of feeling the cool water on her body and she didn’t hear the question directed at her.

“Hello? I need to know if your department has finished the Simon reports?” He asked with a hint of impatience in his deep voice.

Her face flushed as she met his searing blue eyes, every time she looked into them her breath quickened. “Yes they are ready for printing and to be dispersed at the next board meeting.”

“Great, then that’s all we need to discuss today, why don’t we all leave early before the traffic gets too bad, I don’t want any accidents from this weather.” The 12 department heads murmured their thanks and gathered their things to get home to their families. All except one, she knew that she still had at least a couple of hours of work to do, so her husband, would have to wait for his supper. The thought made her grimace.

Jack was the type of man that expected supper to be on the table hot and ready at 6pm. Never mind that his young wife often put in more hours than he did at his prosperous law firm. They had been married 5 years now and she was tired, more and more often finding solace in her job at an up and coming graphic design firm.

She made her way back to her office closed the door and shut the blinds, as she sat down at her desk she reached over and turned on her cd player quietly the sounds of the ocean filling the room. She quickly checked her email and picked up the phone to call Jerry. She got his voice mail yet again. “Hey it’s me, I’ll be home by 7 or so, I’ll pick up Chinese on my way.”

With that out of the way she set her phone to ‘ Do Not Disturb’ mode and began going over her weekly reports. She had been at it for an hour or so when there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” she called out sighing to herself at this interruption, hadn’t everyone left?

“Hey I thought I told everyone to leave early? Seriously-you’ve been working way too much lately. What’s up?” Her boss’s face reflected concern as he sat down in the chair opposite her.

“Nothing, I just like my job and can’t stand to leave with things half finished. Besides it relaxes me, nothing to ease the stress than hundreds of art files.” She smiled softly at her lame attempt at humor.

“Well the rain has let up, it’s still steady but it’s warmer and more gentle, you should be fine going home.” How did he know? She thought had he been outside?  “I gotta get out of here though, would you mind walking me to my car? There’s something there that I want to show you. Connie brought me those prints for the Anderson file. They’re in my trunk, I didn’t want to get them wet so I left them there.  Can we check them out together before the briefing tomorrow? it should only take a minute.”

“Sure no problem I love the rain.” A smile lit her pretty face and she stood up grabbing her blazer and shrugging it on over the tight white blouse she was wearing, before following him out of the room.


AND NOW…I will leave it up to you to finish the story….

Oh me- oh my–I do love teasing…


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