Dear World, it’s me “Tilly”

The Dream….

As I was sitting in the restaurant, which was almost empty, an older gentleman came over to my booth and asked if he could sit with me.  One look and I knew.  He smiled for he knew I knew.

That makes no sense, but perhaps as the story goes on it will.

Dear World, it's me Tilly

“You are very beautiful Bella”

“Thank you”

“It is the outside beauty that captures the men’s attention no?”

“I suppose.”

“But it is the beauty that is inside that captures their heart, no?”

“I am not trying to capture the heart.”

“Nor the soul, yet you do. Once they are touched by you Bella, they are in love.  You know of your gifts.  What you do not know I think is that you automatically give of yourself Bella.  The union between a man and woman is a union of spirit.”

“Only if you make it that way.”

“You do not understand Bella, you are who you are. Gifted. The Priestess, The Chosen One– When you open your eye Bella they are captured, you know of what I speak, it is not the opening of the eyes that others do each morning when they wake, it is the opening of your spirit, you awake theirs.”

The waitress gave us an odd smile, took the man’s order for coffee and left.

“The one in whom you give your heart fully Bella will never betray you, he will never leave, and he will feel as if he has been blessed each day to have you touch him.”

He cupped the mug of coffee and looked into the liquid “You are scared.”

“Of love or too love?”

“Neither Bella, you are love. You give unconditionally.  You are scared.”

“What am I scared of than?”

“I know not, but you do. You are a rare creature Bella, your beauty has no measure, which is what draws them, and the outer beauty matches the inner fire.  You give happiness, excitement, fun, while balancing inner peace, openness and purity. Yet you hate the outer beauty, the attention, the secret no one knows”

“Why were you sent?”

“To tell you not to be scared.”

He took my hand and kissed it lightly.  “You will  find the answers you are seeking Bella, you will be free and you will find the one that will make your heart take flight. Fear no more.”

He placed his cup down on the table, smiled and left.

My messenger. We all have them, few listen, fewer still– see.



  1. Lots to think about there Tilly. Very well written, but that is a given. I hope you have the most awesome Monday ever!

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