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Tilly Rivers’ Chef of Merit Column Has The Experts Attention!

The Free Press

Chef of Merit

Jacob Manny   April 2010

The hot new magazine that everyone is talking about is making its mark in the culinary world.

International Broadcast: Immediate Release

MSM ( is a hot new magazine blend of local printed rag, electronic download and blogs posts that has everyone talking.  Why? According to the experts the first and foremost reason is the founder, international celebrity Tilly Rivers.

We all know that Tilly has been penned as the erotica queen; her works continually hit the best selling lists over and over.  However, the magazine has drawn some writing talent, articles such as Clare Jackson’s ‘That’s the Spirit” and various contributors for the monthly Moving Forward articles have our attention.

What article though is leading the pack? “Chef of Merit!’ Interviews and reviews on chefs and restaurants around the world written by Ms. Rivers herself.  This article gives the spotlight to some serious culinary talent that may have been otherwise over looked.

Chefs these days are the new rock stars. The good ones, the celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Wolfgang Puck pull in a serious fan club, and serious dollars. Is it no wonder than that kids are lining up at the culinary school doors wanting to be the next celebrity Chef on Food Network? Rivers is making a name for herself in the food world, a bad review from her can destroy the young hopeful dream, or a veterans career; close the doors to a restaurant or sky-rocket them to the top.  With her there are two directions, up or out.

If you have had an interview with Ms. Rivers you should be thankful, the waiting list is long, who and how she chooses to interview? From what we can glean the choices seem random, from personal chefs to household ‘celebrity’ names, the only constant are the results, suddenly those in whom had a handful of followers are now on the experts radar to keep an eye on, everyone from top foodie bloggers to international F&B managers scouting new talent are reading the monthly release of Chef of Merit.

If Rivers comes into your establishment for a food review, I pray thee Chef that today is your “ON” day. Like I said, it’s up or out!




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