Visions, By Tilly Rivers



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She leaned her head back on the rest behind her. The airplane seat was smaller than the first class seats she was used to sitting in.  However, her mind was not on the smaller chair, it was on the encounter she had just come from.

She could not believe that was her, the bold daring woman that had come upon her body and made all of her wishes come true.

She had no idea how it happened.  It was as if another life source had entered her soul and took control.  Thankful it had, for she would not have done what this energy creation had.

She would have cringed and hid in the shadows like always, and right now, instead of the smile that played on her lips and the memories that filled her mind, she would be sitting in her cold seat with a mind tumbling with regrets.

She closed her eyes, remembering.  From the time she first saw him, it was as if her new spirit had recognized him, hungered for him, a kindred spirit of fusion that knew each other from before.

It was bizarre, but then, the whole encounter was, and for the first time ever she had, and still was, embracing that difference, in place of shunning it.

It had all started with a five-year-old girl; the magical imp was dancing in the water fountain on the square.  Completely clothed, and clearly having the time of her life.  When her small voice had piped up to speak with her, it was then, at that moment, that her new self had come alive.

“Hi, lady,” the small voice had boldly begun a conversation.


As seen in Wisteria Moon

Visions, By Tilly Rivers

She smiled.

“Having fun?”

“Oh yes,” she giggled.  “Daddy isn’t though.  He has been trying to get me out of the fountain for some time.”

“And why don’t you get out of the fountain, imp?”

“Because, he works too much, and I want him to come in the water and play.”  The child grinned. “He says big people do not play in fountains.”  Her tiny voice mimicked that of a deeper voice.

She smiled. “Is that right?”  Slipping off her shoes, she pulled her skirt up and climbed into the round body of water. The little girl’s smile was wider.  Leaning down, the imp pooled water into the cup of her hand and sprayed it at her.

Her laughter is what caught his attention…the sweet chord vibrated down his spine to land with a solid thud in the middle of his groin.  He was instantly hard.  It was a desire that he could not explain; a craving that came over him with a sweet vengeance.

He closed his cell phone, disconnecting the party to whom he was speaking, without even a good-bye.  He stared at the beauty dancing in the fountain with his daughter.  She had pulled her skirt up and tucked into the waistband, the white blouse now soaked, showing her dark lacy bra, and full erect nipples.

Her hair was soaked, streaming down her back, the water dripping off the curly ends unto her skin.  Her laughter ran free, and she was showing his daughter how to dance….

The child’s mother spoke from behind him.  “It looks like they are having fun.”

Words would not pass from his throat…. Is that what it looked like?  Fun…. No, he thought she looked like a wet mermaid fantasy coming to life.  His groin grew tighter.

He heard the child’s mother call his daughter, saw the look of regret on both of their faces that playtime was over.  Yet he could not tare his eyes away from the water fairy before him.

… a sample…just a tease… of one of the stories as seen in Wisteria Moon, By Tilly Rivers.


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