If you dare to expose your soul

What Makes a True Writer?

By Tilly Rivers


Dare to expose your soul

Dare to expose your soul

What makes a true writer? In my opinion it is summed up in one word:  Passion!


Writing is not what I DO_ it is who I AM! The substance of my true self, my inner burning fire.

People often say to me, I have so many ideas, thoughts, but I was so bad in English, I could never be a writer. Writing is not about sentence structure, phonics, grammar or spelling- that is what a kick-ass Editor does. Writing is not about worrying about the finished product, how many words, pages or format.  Writing is never a formula. It is not about even flow- if someone says you must  begin at the beginning,tell them to take a leap –often my ideas start in the middle of a story.

Writing is an entity of its own and will guide you were it needs to go once you begin with trust and passion, the fire, the need to write.  You will be surprised what comes pouring out of your soul if you just let it.

Before you know it you’re creating an escape for a reader into another world.

Your inner fire.

When you write with your spirit and not your head it makes the difference between ‘words of a page’ and a journey.

What makes a true writer? Your darkest secrets, your worst fears your tears. Your deepest love, your sweetest dreams, your laughter.

If you dare to expose your soul– you are a true writer.



One comment

  1. Dear Tilly: Dare to be differently defiant and be the bare soul spirit-writer. Tilly your approach to writing is refreshing, creative and bold. Holding the captives captive takes a spark of which you most definitely have in great abundance. Thank-you for your inspiration today; I needed this energy! Hope you can pop over to my blog sometime?

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