The Tease….

Your Eyes Only

Written by Tilly Rivers

© Copyright 2010. Tilly Rivers.


 by Tilly Rivers

Your Eyes Only

She is definitely not a ‘proper’ girl. A fact soon verified when she leaned slightly forward into a beam of sunlight streaming in through the window. The light silhouetted her body through her sun dress, turning it nearly transparent. No not proper at all, but he knew that going in, she was there to interview him for her magazine, but he knew she was there for her own…what had she called it…distraction.


She wasn’t wearing any panties.  He smiled, she was wearing a pair of sexy socks; the kind that ended at her knees–you know- sexy; with the promise of naughty things to come. She clicked off the digital recorder. “That about wraps it up, unless you have anything to add?” her voice was soft, light and he wondered what it would sound like when she moaned in pleasure.

As if she had read his thoughts her nipples stood erect behind the thin covering of her dress.  “The interview is over than?”

“Yes” she agreed, barely above a whisper. Her eyes turned darker, “Very professional don’t you think?”

She stood up then, and he jumped up as well. ‘Was she leaving?’ he thought…hell he had thought that this was more then an interview…shit he cursed, he must have read the signs wrong. He extended his hand in the customary farewell handshake.

She looked at his outstretched hand. Eyes intense, sure, instead of placing her hand in his, she slid around his hand and stood close.  “That’s it then” she said, “Time to say good bye?” Locking her eyes on his face her hands moved  slowly up his upper arms and shoulders, resting there lightly.

“I’m more of a hugger” she murmured in reference to the earlier offered handshake.

Her breath was warm on his neck, and he sighed in pain as she drew back slightly, wanting the contact. His arm came around her and she kissed the side of his neck. She let him pull her in and the sigh turned to a moan.

He felt the intake of her breath, the fast pace of her heart beating against him, those erect nipples now resting against his chest, the heat of their combined bodies almost burning.

Her hand slipped down between them…slowly… until it reached his hardness, wanting the evidence of his arousal pressed firmly into her hand. “So” she whispered, “can I distract you now?”   She did not wait for his answer, instead her lips kissed his neck again, no- kiss was not the action, she was…tasting him… one of her hands pressed against the fly of his jeans, while the other lead his fingers up her body- slowly letting him touch every inch up- up until he lightly cupped the underside of your right breast……


OH NO… sorry, the rest of this story is pretty XXX rated…and well…, not allowed…~giggles~ but I do so hope you enjoyed the tease….

Ta Ta…

Oh wait? You want more? *taps finger against lips in thought* hmmmm…maybe we can…no that won’t work ~smiles~





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