And you can expect…

the unexpected.

I have made all my other blogs inactive. I have a personal blog that I write on everyday that is part of my Yahoo account, and this one.


and it starts right about now

Tilly Rivers- Let it begin

Sooooo….on here you can expect…nothing~giggles~ there will be no rhyme or reason to the posts- they will be all over the place, like me- from poetry to erotica, articles maybe from Main Street Magazine-  from thoughts and feelings- to rants and temper tantrums.   At times very professional or incredibly insightful- mystery and mayhem. Trouble and twists.


Real- raw, and uncensored.

Sometimes there will be photos- or not. Sometimes there will be a theme- but more then likely I will get bored with that and move unto something else- what you can expect is the unexpected-a journey into the wonderfully weird.

I had more then one blog because I would sort them into categories, erotica writings, poetry, photos  & stuff- but in order to 1. Keep my sanity, and not get so over whelmed 2. Save time 3. And give you the reader a better feel of who I am–I decided to combine all of the blogs into one.

I probably will curse lots- that’s a given- i will probably offend you with my opinions and unconventional ways- I hope I make you smile- or even laugh, at times I might make you cry- and at others groan- but above all- I think I am sure to entertain, and maybe just maybe we will grow and learn about life and love together.

So this is it- the new start. Thanks for stopping by.


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