The Things I love, Entry # 3

The Things I love by Tilly Rivers

Entry 3, January 31 2011

I Love……….

Texture and tingles, husky gasps and sexy voices


husky voices

By Tilly Rivers



Sometimes it is not the touch itself as much as the anticipation.  The intake of breathe- gasp of pleasure, just before my hand makes contact…will he gasp? Will his husky voice moan slightly? What will he feel like under my palm? Will my skin tingle…will his?

There…contact…mmmmm feels so good. Ahhh…there….mmmmm…a husky moan.

Sweet delight…tingles and textures

Delicious harmony…husky gasps, sexy voice

I love to touch, to let my fingers roam over every inch, absorb…I want to hear you moan…I want to hear your voice call my name…




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