The Things I Love, Entry #2

The things I love By Tilly Rivers

Entry 2

I love…

…new tastes on my tongue, new fragrances to smell


Good morning World. Tilly Rivers



Lilac and lavender are among my favorite smells, but I have so many. I love the smells in a spice store, or in a body shop, the smells of soap, and I especially the love the smell of a man. I love the smell of sex, and food cooking. Sweet, savory and everything in between. – it stimulates me, reminds me that life is full of wonder.

I am not a cook, but I do so enjoy food.  I truly believe it is my passion for art, food and the entertainment world, the life of being creative, that makes me great at what i do- from writing food reviews, to MSM.

New taste experiences, are so much fun. Of course now that I am Celiac, and a vegetation, I will admit i miss out on some of the world’s most delicious cuisine tests, but still, food is such a delight. I am a texture person, but in a good way, I enjoy texture. I am as I said before all about the senses, to smell, to touch, to taste, to see, to hear…and of course that sixth sense, to be aware.

Stimulation. Truly the ultimate of life’s wonders!




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