Blog: The things I love- entry #1

The Things I Love by Tilly Rivers

The things I love:  By Tilly Rivers


The world is such a wonderful place, each day there are treasures and gifts beauty and miracles.  In this blog I am going to record the things I love…one at a time ~smiles~ this could take a while, for the list is long…and is in no particular order.

I love

…Sunsets, sunrises , full moons the sun kissing me-stars and black velvet skies clouds and bright  blue horizons.

Sunset/sunrise so beautiful. The way nature blends colours with a little luck I am sometimes able to capture the vibrant display in a photograph.  I watch in awe,  and thank the universe for the wonder it supplies.  I am at peace in the mornings, coffee in hand, as I watch the sunrise the gift of welcome to the day.

Moon/Sun the lady, the lord. Balance. The sun in his glory kisses my skin, the moon with her magic fills my spirit.

Black Velvet/ Blue blanket:  To this day I still love to lay on the ground and look up, be it at night, dark velvet embracing me as I count the stars, or during the day to ‘find’  things in the clouds– look there’s a dragon- -a knight– look there’s a….the possibilities are endless.

Isn’t the world beautiful?










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