Flying into the Mist

Flying into the Mist

Copyright 2010, Tilly Rivers

I lose myself in what I do. The walls of my office fade, the click of finger to computer key become a magical formula, a comfort, for I am about to dive into the mist. I am about to fly.

At times I know not where the mist will take me, nor do I fret about the journey for I know this is my world, I belong here. I am home. The mist pulls me often and at odd moments, three A.M. or in the middle of lunch, it matters not, the call pulls me in, and I fly.

Time goes by unnoticed while I am here, the sun could be shining or a great blowing storm outside my window and I would not be aware, care not, I am one with the mist now.

The world of words beckons me, and I fly, here I create the enchantment, long or short-stories- it matters not. Am I a warrior princess today- or a hero saving the world? Am I a witch or a seductress? Maybe both. The key of the computer taps, the words materialize, and a new world of prose is born.

Alas, the story is about to come to a close. Long before I type those final two words, I am sad, I grieve my new friends, miss them already, with a pause and a whisper of good bye I type ‘the end’.

The mist becomes fainter and I return, the walls once again focus, I look out the window, I look at the clock. For a moment I just sit, reacquainting myself with reality. I smile. Knowing that the pull will return, new worlds and new friends will be invented.

This is me, I was born to write. My name is Tilly Rivers, and I fly into the mist.


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